Let’s be honest…

If anyone tells you their weight loss journey was super easy, they’re lying. Changing your habits whilst trying to keep up with life is tough, hands down! The difference between the people who succeed, and the people who fail, isn’t how hard they work or how easy it is – it’s how you resilient you are. Let’s be honest – life throws things at you that you can’t avoid. It’s those who take a second to assess the new obstacle, and adjust, rather than submitting that reap the ultimate success.

For me, this means preparing for change – big or small. Realising my long-term goal and how important it is to me – and how nothing should change that. You can always change your plan, but don’t ever change your goal.

This past week, I’ve had so much thrown at me – from all angles of life – good and bad! But it’s put a blanket of fog over my goals, making them hard to see and easy to forget. As soon as life slowed down and I took a second to breathe and assess – the first thing I did was focus on my goal, making weight loss my absolute priority. Today is probably the only day for the next two weeks that I’ll have some me-time. Because I know this, I’m going to spend the day making sure I don’t let my goals slip up over the next two busy weeks.

This is the last and final time I go on this weight loss journey, because this is the time I succeed. I can feel it in my bones – I’m not giving up now life, no matter what you throw at me!

Bring it on…

~ A Lot To A Little ~


Feeling good…

Tonight was my third weigh-in on the Slimming World plan, and after losing 2.5 pounds this week, I’ve now lost a total of 8 pounds! I received my ‘half a stone’ award tonight – which feels great after just three weeks.

I thought I felt motivated 3 weeks ago when I signed up, but by God I’m feeling even more motivated now! Knowing that, for once, my weight is going in the right direction and goals are already being achieved – it really feels great.

I have the confidence, and want, to say ‘no’ to unhealthy foods – along with the motivation. My goals are clear and don’t feel so far off now – which makes it easier to stick to plan and achieve them.

I get excited for the smallest of goals. In Slimming World we celebrate the ‘Club 10’ award, and every half-stone and stone. I also like to celebrate every new stone bracket (for example, leaving the 16 stone bracket and moving down to the 15 stone bracket). Something about that really gives me a buzz! Plus I have a little app on my phone called Happy Scale, which breaks your total weight loss goal into 10 equal milestones – so I can celebrate these mini goals too. It might sound like a lot, but I think sometimes you need to hit a ‘mini-goal’ so you can sit back, let the hard work sink in, and regenerate your motivation!

A friend of mine joined Slimming World with me tonight – I can’t wait to exercise and walk together like we used to years ago. Once the weather picks up it will be nice to get out and get some exercise in. As for now, it’s at freezing temperatures – so we’re giving that one a miss!

Here’s to another great week ahead, especially as the clock ticks down to my 1 month weigh-in! 7 days to go…

~ A Lot To A Little ~



The Results Are In…

First weigh-in at Slimming World tonight and after 7 days of on-plan eating I’m down 4.5 pounds (or just over 2 kilos if that’s the unit you use!) I’m so happy to start off with such a good loss, and it makes me even more motivated for next week.

I wasn’t expecting such large loss this week for a couple of reasons. First of all I struggled with vegetables. I’ll be honest, I haven’t always been their biggest fan – so I tend to lean more towards fruit. But eating too much fruit isn’t great either. I have been trying, but I also don’t want to force myself as I’ll lose motivation and fall off the band-wagon. However, I started eating raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and salads – and I much prefer this to steamed vegetables. So maybe this might work! I’ll be doing this more next week too to up my vegetable intake.

My boyfriend also decided this week would be a great week to go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. (Round of applause for his timing). Cue me ever-so-carefully choosing what to eat while he scoffed down not one, not two, not three, but four courses. Now if that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is – and I’m talking about me surviving the meal, not his monstrous intake!

Other than these small hurdles, I’m really glad with how the week has gone. I haven’t gone hungry, I haven’t felt like I’m missing out. I feel good, real good with this weeks loss.

It all makes me excited for when I’m a few weeks or months down the line and start seeing results! But every great journey has to start somewhere, right?

Here’s to next week!

~ A Lot To A Little ~


And so it begins…

I don’t know why, but tonight it took a lot of courage to go to Slimming World. I spent the whole journey home from work trying to think of ways to justify not going – what is wrong with me?! But, I shut myself up and told myself to stiffen my upper lip and just get on with it. I don’t want to feel the way I do anymore – and losing weight is the answer.

My boyfriend threw a spanner in the works today by booking us a reservation at a restaurant we have wanted to visit for a long time; it’s so popular that you need to book a month in advance. But somehow, he got us a reservation for this Sunday! Of course, the week I choose to head back to Slimming World – like a sick test! I’ll deal with it though, I know through Slimming World I can make the right decisions, enjoy myself and still lose weight.

Let’s be honest, joining Slimming World (wether you have before or not) is nerve-wracking. You’re pretty much walking into a room full of slimmers, feeling your most venerable and expected to jump right on in. But the best thing about Slimming World is that you instantly feel at ease with the support of your consultant and the great bubbly people around you – I already can’t wait to go back next week.

My starting weight is 16 stone 2.5 pounds, with a target weight of 9 stone. I will get there. I have to.

The countdown is on…

~ A Lot To A Little ~



Realistically my one main goal is to lose weight, be healthy and feel good about myself. But until I hit that goal I have some small goals to keep me entertained. Some of these might seem silly to you, but for me; they’ll be big wins.

  1. Family wedding in late March. I would love to be down a stone by then – I think it’s possible given I have 7 weigh ins between then and now. Totally doable if I hit an average loss of 2 pounds a week!
  2. Summer – This is my first summer I won’t be working abroad, so I want to take advantage and spend it getting healthy! Plus buying some nicer clothes that I can actually fit into would be great. By June 1st I’d love to be down 2 stone – if not more!
  3. Work conference – We have a huge conference every September, and I’d love to surprise people I haven’t seen since last September with a new me. 3 stone by September would be amazing (if not more!)
  4. Christmas – I have a bunch of Christmas jumpers that I bought last time I lost weight that I simply don’t fit into anymore. I can’t wait to try one on and feel that good again!
  5. I want to have the confidence to wear shorts, swim suits and summer clothes that I have never even dreamed of wearing. I’ve always dreaded summer because I usually spend it stressing over keeping cool in hot weather, white trying to cover up too. This is more a 2018 goal, as summer is already quite close – but I can’t wait to be there!
  6. Weird goal alert! I take a lot of flights every year, and so this one mightn’t make sense to everyone. When I take my seat on the plane, I’m always wearing of the seat belts – someones might be pulled tighter than mine as they are smaller. I know exactly how long the belt needs to be to fit – so next time I fly, I’d like to see the belt get shorter, and shorter and shorter! Strange, but it’s the little things right?
  7. I’m not telling anyone bar my close family and boyfriend that I’m aiming to lose weight; it’s not a secret but the more of my family that know the harder it is to keep motivated (they like to get very involved). As they won’t know I’m actively loosing weight, I can’t wait to hear “have you lost weight” and “you’re looking good” – as then I’ll know that not only is the number on the scale changing, but physically I’ changing too – as this is sometimes hard to see when you look in the mirror so often!


I’m sure I’ll think of some more as I go along, but for now; my main motivation are these goals and simply how uncomfortable I feel in my own skin – I want to love myself again!

~ A Lot To A Little ~



A New Beginning…

I have never felt this uncomfortable within myself – in fact, it’s all I can think about. I not only hate the way my body looks; I hate the way it feels, moves and giggles. I struggle to fit into new and old clothes, I feel totally uncomfortable outside of my own home and to be honest I’m just sick to death of it. 

It’s time to get real. For the past two years I’ve spent large chunks of the year working abroad and this has messed with my eating habits entirely. It’s tough not to be home, cooking my own food and having a set routine. Working abroad would be somebody’s dream job – and don’t get me wrong, I love my job! But for now, I’ve chosen to stay at home this year and concentrate on myself, my routine and the way I see food.

I’ve reached breaking point, and I can’t go any further – I just feel shit.

Back in 2015 I lost two stone with Slimming World. At the time, I still felt huge and fat – but now looking back I can see just how much I slimmed and changed. I wish I was back there already. Once I went abroad to work, I slowly gained the weight back (and some more for good luck!)

Tomorrow night I will join Slimming World again and I completely aim to stick to my goals, concentrate on myself and start feeling great again.

I’ll be keeping this blog as a documentation of my weight loss journey – but also an outlet for my life as a whole.

I hope to see this blog grow (while I shrink) and hopefully I can look back on this sometime soon and see a job well done.

If you’re also starting your weight loss journey, or maybe your miles in – I hope you can join me too.

~ A Lot To A Little ~